Canada: Cannabis products can be sold at grocery stores

More than two-thirds of Canada’s grocery store shelves will have a cannabis product in stores starting July 1, the federal government announced Monday.

Grocery store chains will be able to offer cannabis products at their stores beginning July 1.

“With this move, Canadians will have access to a wide range of marijuana products from Canadian-grown producers that can be easily accessed and purchased,” Minister of Health Rona Ambrose said in a statement.

The announcement follows recent moves by several major Canadian grocery chains to sell cannabis products in their stores.

Target Canada, for example, announced it will start selling cannabis products starting in January. 

“With these steps, the Government of Canada is committed to providing a safe and convenient place for people to buy and sell marijuana products,” Ambrose said.

The news comes amid a national debate on marijuana legalization, with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in July that marijuana is a constitutional right.

The Trudeau government has indicated that it will not take any action to legalize cannabis if the Supreme Court’s ruling is upheld.

The Supreme Court decision did not mean the government will be forced to legalize marijuana, however, and the government has made clear it is not currently in the process of doing so.

Last year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he would legalize recreational use of marijuana by 2021.

Canada, like the U, has a system of legalized marijuana for medical use, but the government does not currently regulate the sale of marijuana.