How the ad-tech industry is growing in a changing world

The technology industry is a strange place.

Its growth is still very slow and, to a large degree, driven by consumer adoption.

Yet there is one bright spot: The ads industry is booming.

Advertisers pay to run ads on their sites and websites, and they use technology to help do that.

The way that companies monetize ads, however, is more complicated.

The ad-systems used to run by companies like Google and Facebook have changed, and the ads industry has not.

Advertising revenue is still mostly spent on websites and apps.

But advertisers have to pay for advertising space on their own sites.

The result is that there is no way to monetize a company’s advertising without paying for advertising.

And that’s a big problem.

When you’re trying to monetise an ad, you’re using a different algorithm to do it.

Instead of running the ad in a search engine like Google, advertisers are choosing a brand and running it in their own website, like Adblock Plus or AdBlock.

They’re using that site’s ad engine to determine the ads it will show.

Advertisers can’t control that engine, so they’re forced to pay a fee to run the ads they want.

That fee, called a payment, usually comes in the form of a small percentage of revenue.

It’s not just the ads themselves that are changing.

When companies pay to show ads on a site or a website is a way of saying that they support the company that runs that site or website.

That is a big change for the ads market.

For a company that’s trying to reach millions of people, this is a huge win.

But it’s not the only way that the industry is changing.

The ads world is moving to an ad-based model that has been around for years, but it’s still very new.

The industry is evolving quickly, and in fact, advertisers have only just started to adapt to it.

The key to getting advertisers to pay more for ads is to make it easier to see ads.

In other words, the way to pay is to have better ways to understand and manipulate those ads.

This is where the ad tech world has been building.

Adblock Plus, an adblock technology company, recently announced a new way to get advertisers to see ad-supported content on their websites.

It’s called the Ad-tech Cloud, and it will let advertisers pay for ads in the cloud without actually having to go to their sites or websites.

The company’s CEO, Nick Pickard, described it as “the new front in the ad market wars”.

Adblock’s cloud is being built on a combination of its existing ad-blocking services and new ad-technology.

It can now show ads that are served by a web-based app called AdblockPlus.

It also offers a browser-based tool called AdBlock Plus for iOS and Android, which lets users sign up for a membership to see what ads are displayed on their devices.

The cloud also allows advertisers to track their ads and show them differently.

This allows them to tailor ads based on users’ actions, such as browsing history, preferences and search terms.

If users don’t like a particular ad, they can remove it.

If you’re interested in seeing the new Ad-Tech Cloud, you can sign up to receive the beta for free.

The first version will be available in the coming weeks.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because the company behind it, Adblock, has been working on its own ad-block technology since 2015.

In that time, the ad industry has seen two big shifts in its business.

First, the web-enabled ad platform has taken over the ad economy.

Most people have moved to mobile devices, and most people aren’t using the desktop browser to access ads on sites.

So the ad business is being served by ad networks and other companies.

Second, the advertising industry has had to evolve from a site-based ad business to a siteless ad business.

This means that advertisers now have to create their own ad networks, and that means that they can charge for access to ads on the websites they want to see.

AdBlock Plus, the company’s cloud ad platform, has the potential to change the way that advertisers interact with ad platforms.

And it’s a very good idea.

If you are a large company, like Google or Facebook, you will likely be able to pay to see the ads you want.

But that means you will need to make money from ads on your own sites and on the sites of your clients.

Ad Block Plus will allow you to do just that.

When you sign up, Ad Block Plus gives you access to AdBlock plus, which will show you ads that you have been able to see on sites and apps for free for a while.

AdBlockPlus Plus can also show you ad-free versions of your ads, where you can still pay for them, and will let you choose