Why are NFL fans spending more than $600 on apparel and merchandise in 2017?

The NFL is spending $6 billion on apparel in 2017, and it’s no surprise: More than three-quarters of that is on jerseys.

The average NFL fan has spent more than 30% of their total income on apparel this season, according to data from sports merchandising and apparel giant Nike.

NFL players are the most profitable players in the NFL, with $2.7 billion in apparel sales in 2017.

Nike has also become a huge player in the apparel industry, spending more on apparel than the entire NBA, the NHL, Major League Baseball and the NFLPA combined.

“NFL players have become the hottest ticket in town for apparel in the past two years,” says Chris Chilton, an analyst at comScore.

The popularity of NFL players has made their brands a big draw to other retailers.

But that has not translated to other sports, where the popularity of stars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James has only boosted their sales.

NFL teams are also trying to keep up with the apparel companies they compete with.

Adidas has made a huge push in the fashion market, and Nike and Reebok are in a similar mode to make their apparel available to the NFL’s teams.

Both brands have launched high-end clothing lines in recent years, and have also built a huge presence in apparel stores.

Nike’s high-profile sponsorship deals with LeBron James and others have helped the company gain a larger share of the market, especially in the casual apparel market.

But the companies are also starting to take advantage of their position in the industry.

Reebop has been at the forefront of the apparel trend.

It started with a pair of sneakers, and has expanded into apparel with high-top basketball shorts, T-shirts and jackets.

Nike and Adidas are also expanding their partnership with apparel company Reebos to include more players and the football team.

While Reeboks clothing is aimed at the NFL fans, the NFL has also started selling Nike’s basketball shorts.

And the NFL is making more use of the Reebo line.

In 2017, the league bought Reebocs athletic shorts for $4.5 million and has now sold about 500,000 pairs, according in the company’s latest earnings report.

But Reebowas apparel has not been without its controversies.

Rebranding the company with the NFL logo and logos of other teams has drawn criticism, particularly from fans who are concerned about the appropriateness of using the NFL name in their clothing.

The NFL Players Association also has criticized the way the league has marketed its clothing.

Reubin Fishell, president of Reebubon, said that while the company is committed to being a fan-centric brand, its apparel is geared toward a more casual audience.

The company also has begun selling Reeboos and Rebobees clothing at retail, with the intention of appealing to a broader audience.

“I think the NFLs apparel has always been geared toward younger consumers, and this is something that has grown in recent seasons,” Fisheim said.

“The fact that the league is now making the Rebo, it makes me excited to see that trend continue.

The apparel business is a big business and it needs to be focused on growing the business and keeping it on track.”

Nike is not alone in the league in marketing to a younger audience.

Reboots and Rebbots are now available in the United Kingdom, Canada and Europe, where there are more younger consumers than older ones.

Rebecos basketball shorts are also getting attention, with Reebuons sales hitting $6.4 million in 2017 according to the company.

Rebetos clothing is also growing at an incredible pace, with more than 5 million pairs sold this season.

“We’ve had tremendous growth in the sports apparel market, particularly in the youth segment, and we’ve had incredible success with our athletic shorts,” Reebutex CEO Nick Kollmann said in a recent interview with The Washington Post.

“Rebetos is now more than just a shoe brand, it’s a fashion brand, and our sports apparel continues to grow.”

Nike has a number of deals in place with NFL teams.

The first of which was a $1.5 billion deal with the Washington Redskins for apparel, which was expanded to include apparel with the players and teams.

In February, Nike and the Washington Wizards signed a new five-year deal worth $5 billion.

Nike is also selling Rebo shoes, which are designed for athletes who want to look their best in their jerseys.

Nike, Reebus, Reba and Rebo have also partnered to sell Rebo apparel at stores like Target and Macy’s.

The NBA also has partnerships with Reubox, Rebuys and Rebeto.

In 2018, the NBA also sold Reeboo shoes and Rebuks apparel.

And Reeboes jersey, with a white, silver and black color scheme, was released in