Google AdWords and Amazon’s Amazon Prime video platform: The truth behind the big headlines

Google has partnered with Amazon Prime Video, the largest video streaming platform in the world, to offer video and audio ads in Google Search and AdWords.

Google and Amazon have both launched products that offer video ads to consumers.

While Google has traditionally offered video ads through its own ad networks, Prime Video now has ad partners that work with Google, including YouTube, Amazon and Hulu.

AdWords advertisers can now use YouTube videos as part of their ads, including those in Google search.

The partnership has two key components.

First, Google is now able to create video ads that have video content.

Google is using the Google Video Player to do this, and Google will be the one paying for all of the video ads.

Second, Google will continue to host the video ad in its AdWords database.

YouTube has not yet launched a video ad for Google.

The new video ads will be available on Google search and Adwords, as well as in Amazon’s Prime Video platform.

Adwords will continue as Google’s primary video ad platform, with YouTube videos only being part of Google Search’s video ad offerings.

Google and Amazon are also introducing video ads in their YouTube search and ad targeting products, including Google Search for Home, AdWords for Music, Adwords for Books, AdTools for Videos, AdBlogs, AdSense for Books and AdSense Plus for Books.

The videos will be placed in the YouTube search engine, with ads appearing alongside those videos.

The ad targeting and YouTube ads are part of the same ad platform as YouTube’s video ads, which will launch later this year.

Google is also working with other video and ad networks to bring more videos to the Google Search, AdWord and AdWord Plus platforms.

For example, YouTube recently launched a new video advertising platform, AdVid, which brings to life the video content that is embedded into search results.

Google has also announced that it will soon add video ads on AdWords to a larger set of ad targeting platforms.