Patanjala gas prices surge ahead of the summer holidays

Patanji Maha gas prices rose by 5.56 per cent on Monday after the country’s premier energy company announced it would be increasing fuel prices.

The national average price of 1,400 litres of petrol rose to Rs 1,425.45 per litre in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA).

The average retail price for a litre of petrol is Rs 3.39 in Mumbai, Rs 4.19 in New Delhi, Rs 6.23 in Chennai, Rs 7.60 in Hyderabad, Rs 9.06 in Kolkata, Rs 10.08 in Jaipur, Rs 12.49 in Pune and Rs 13.16 in Chennai.

Prices in cities across India, including Delhi, Pune, Chennai and Jaipuro, rose between 7 and 10 per cent from their average of Rs 4 per litres.

The average wholesale price for petrol rose by 7.57 per cent to Rs 15.55.

The National Thermal Energy Corporation (NTEC), the country-wide supplier of fuel, said it was boosting fuel prices in the coming days to ensure customers receive a fair price.NTEC has increased fuel prices by 10 per a litres in the past 12 months, the regulator said.

It had announced the price hike last week.

The NTEC chief executive, S. Jayakumar, said on Monday that the company had raised fuel prices for two consecutive months to ensure consumers received a fair premium.

“In the coming weeks, NTEC will hike petrol and diesel prices for consumers in the three main cities.

NTEC also plans to raise the wholesale prices of fuel in Delhi and Pune,” he said.NTec said it has reduced the fuel cost of petrol by 4 per cent in the state of Madhya Pradesh to Rs 3 per lit, and that it would also hike the diesel price to Rs 4 a lit.