How to get around a ban on adverts from FMCG products

In August 2017, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned advertising from FMS products as they were deemed to be “non-nutritive”.

This meant that a company could not advertise on any of the top 50 FMS brands (the list of the most popular FMS in Australia) without violating the ban. 

The FDA stated that this was to ensure that consumers had “a choice of brands to choose from when shopping online”.

However, in August 2018, FMCGs Australia announced that they had been contacted by the FDA about the ban and that they were considering appealing against the ban in court.

The ban on FMC products advertising went into effect on 1 October 2018.FMCG Australia’s CEO, Scott Boddington, said that they would continue to advocate for FMS and their brands to be allowed to advertise in the future.

“The decision to ban FMC brands is a sad day for Australians who love and love to consume our products.

The FMC company that received the FDA’s ban is FMC, a leading Australian company. “

We have a lot of partners and we will continue to fight this ban through the courts to make sure Australians have a choice of FMC brand when shopping.”

The FMC company that received the FDA’s ban is FMC, a leading Australian company. 

FMC is the parent company of FMI Products, the largest wholesale and retail distributor of FMS. 

In March 2018, the Australian Federal Government issued a national FMS advertising ban.

This ban includes the sale of advertising on FMS websites, as well as any sales by retailers on FMR websites. 

It prohibits advertising on websites such as and

FMC Australia, along with other FMS companies, has appealed the ban to the Federal Court. 

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