The hidden benefits of the golden rice rice

The world’s rice supply could double by 2050 and by then the world could have a billion people, according to a new report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

The report, based on a decade of research, also suggests that there are “many, many more uses” for the rice that are currently unexplored.

“There are a number of applications, both in terms of the environment and food security, that could be developed that would benefit people, including the production of biofuels and protein,” said lead author Dr David Prentice, from the department of agricultural and resource economics at the University of Oxford.

“But these are applications that could also lead to new uses for the crops and could provide new benefits to people.”

The report looked at more than 200 countries across five continents, and found that if all of the rice planted in the world were grown on the Golden Rice Farm (GFF), there would be at least one million fewer people than today.

This is a result of the farmers and farmers’ organisations in the region choosing to use Golden Rice as their primary food crop.

“The GFF produces a lot of the feed for the farming community,” said Dr Prentice.

“The GFFs rice is a very nutritious crop.”

The golden rice was developed by the World Bank and is grown in areas where there are few other options.

But the global demand for rice is increasing as the world’s population grows.

The GFIs rice has been the worlds leading agricultural crop for a number years now, with a recent harvest expected to surpass that of the world population.

However, a number are now finding that they need to plant more rice to feed their growing population.

“People are asking, ‘what do I need to do if I have the Golden rice?’, so what we need to understand is what the world needs to do,” said Prentice.

“What the world wants to do is take more rice from the GFF and put it into production in other countries.

So, we’re going to need to take this opportunity to put more rice into production, but we’re also going to have to make sure that we get the right amount of it into the right places, in the right place.”

The Global Rice Forum has called for the introduction of the Golden Starch to feed the growing population, as well as an increased focus on using alternative farming methods.

“We’ve been working on developing sustainable, alternative and sustainable crops and livestock practices,” said a spokesperson for the GFIs Global Rice forum.

“We also need to get more rice planted and harvested on GFF.”