Google Now advertises “bounceback” app for Android and iOS devices

Google Now has added a new version of its Android and Apple app to its app store.

The app, named BounceBack, lets users take advantage of Google Now’s predictive search feature and can be downloaded for free.

The new version also adds support for iOS devices.

Google Now’s search features have been criticized in recent years as it has failed to accurately predict the movements of users.

In the past, users have been unable to navigate around the information presented by the app.

The feature was removed in March of this year.

Apple has been criticized for being slow to update its iOS app and its support for the predictive search features has also been criticized by some users.

Google Now was one of the first services to get the feature added to the Apple iOS app, which was available from April 2015 to January 2016.

Users can download the new version for free on Google Play.

Users of Google’s Android and Chrome browser can download Google Now from the Play Store.

The Android app is available for free from Google Play in the US and Canada, but users of other countries such as Australia and the UK can only download the app for $4.99.