A look at business advertising ads that hit the airwaves this week

Business ads that have been featured on the air this week include the $5 bill.

The ad for the $1,000 credit card features a photo of an American flag and a statement: “The $5 Credit Card.”

The ad features a picture of a young woman holding a sign that reads: “We Are Here For You.”

The $2,000 card comes with a $200 credit to a credit card or debit card account, according to the ad.

The $3,000 Visa card comes in a red and black design.

The Visa card is available for purchase online or in stores, according, the ad, which is titled “What the Cashier Needs to Know.”

The $2.5 million Samsung smart phone ad features an American woman holding up a picture showing a man and woman holding hands and saying: “Let’s Make Money Together.”

The Samsung ad, entitled “Make Money Together,” features a black and white photo of the woman with her hands behind her back.

The phone is available to purchase online, the Samsung ad says.

The $3.5 billion Sony smartphone ad features two women holding hands, with a message: “Sony Smartphones Are The Future of Privacy.”

The image features a photograph of a man wearing a black suit and a white shirt.

The smartphone is available in select stores, the Sony ad says, and is available on Android and iOS.

The AdSense $2 million ad features three people in a car and a woman talking with a child.

The image is a black-and-white image with text reading “Take Me Out for a Drink.”

The smartphone ad is available online, and comes with ad-blocking software.

The ad for $500,000 in Apple products features a young girl in a yellow suit and white shirt, wearing an Apple Watch.

The Apple ad, titled “The Power of the Apple Watch,” features three women holding up watches and saying “Apple Watch.”

The iPhone app is available as an online download, and the watch is available at select Apple stores.

The Apple ad for “The Apple Watch Is Better Than You Think,” featuring a young boy, features a woman holding her hand in front of a camera.

The woman is in a green shirt and green pants.

The watch is sold separately at Apple stores and through Apple’s online store.

The Samsung ad features four people in black- and-white images holding hands.

The first image is of a woman with a man holding hands while holding a phone, the second image is an old man holding his cellphone and the third image is two men holding hands with their phones outstretched.

The ads come in a variety of sizes, and are available online and at Apple retail stores.

A $1.6 billion Google ad features six people in front and one in the background holding hands in a field.

The six people are holding hands as they stand next to a hill and the background is a tree with branches extending from the tree to the six people.

The photo is a photo showing a woman wearing a hat and holding a book, according the ad for ad revenue from Google ads.

The Google ad, “The Biggest Day of Your Life,” features six women standing behind a desk.

The women are in blue-and white, gold-colored dresses with their hands outstretched, the Google ad says in the ad description.

The Google ad comes in multiple sizes and colors, and it is available digitally.

The Coca-Cola ad features eight people in the front and two in the back of a car holding hands for a photo.

The images are all black-on-white.

The video is available through the video app on Apple devices and through YouTube.

The National Basketball Association ad features seven players standing in front with a picture in front, and a caption: “All Your Team Needs is Us.”

The player is wearing a shirt with the phrase “All the Team Needs,” the ad says as the video ends.

The NBA ad, available on Apple, Google, and YouTube, features the logo of the San Antonio Spurs.

The NBA is available from Apple devices, and from the Apple app on iOS devices.

The NFL and NFL Films ad features five players standing behind the screen with the caption: The NFL has a new brand name.

The player in the picture is wearing an orange and black hat, while a third player is holding a football in the other hand.

The league says the ad will run for five weeks and is also available online.

The McDonald’s ad features players holding hands holding a bowl of french fries, the caption says, adding: “McDonald’s has changed its name from the ‘Big Mac’ to the ‘Munchkin’ this week.”

The video shows players wearing hats with the words “Munchkins” on them.

The McDonald’s app is also accessible through the app.

The Gap ad features athletes holding hands at a stadium with a caption, “You are welcome at our games, we love you.

It’s all about love.”

The Gap app