How to make your own meat-free, vegan food at home

As consumers get more comfortable eating plant-based food, more businesses are opening up shop.

But even with so many restaurants and supermarkets accepting plant-friendly offerings, many people still are worried about what that means for their health and well-being.

What are the best meat-based options for vegan, plant-eating people?

We asked food experts to pick the top three vegan food items and share what you should look for.1.

Bacon: The ultimate plant-dairy, vegan bacon.

(Photo: iStock)As the world becomes more plant-conscious, people are increasingly seeking alternatives to meat and dairy products.

But bacon remains one of the most popular choices, with more than 1 billion pounds sold last year alone, according to the National Pork Producers Council.

It’s one of only a few meats to have become so popular.

The product is made from a combination of ground bacon and lard, and is widely used in the U.S. as a dip and as a filler in foods such as bread and cheese.

The bacon’s high fat content makes it especially appealing to vegans.

For vegetarians, however, bacon is often accompanied by cheese, which can contain a variety of harmful chemicals and preservatives.

A bacon cheeseburger made with vegan bacon is $3.49.2.

Avocado: A delicious avocado-flavored smoothie.

(Credit: iShares)Avocado is one of a few fruits and vegetables that can be made into a smoothie, which is especially popular among vegetarians and vegans who are looking to eat more fruits and veggies than other types of meat.

Many vegan smoothies are made with plant-derived ingredients, but the company Avocado Juice recently introduced a vegan smoothie that includes avocado and hemp protein powder.

The company also recently released a line of vegan coconut water, a smoothy that is made with soy protein and water.

The vegan smoothy is $2.99 and includes an avocado-and-hemp-protein-powder shake.3.

Oatmeal: A healthy oatmeal-flavoured smoothie with a healthy, nutrient-dense protein source.

(Note: This post is part of a partnership with The Food Lab.)

Oatmeal is a nutritious protein source that has been shown to help keep people fuller longer and lower their cholesterol levels.

It also contains a variety.

One of the best sources of omega-3s is flaxseed oil, a non-animal source of omega 3s.

The Flax Seed Oil Company’s oatmeal smoothie contains 8 grams of flax seed, which has been linked to reducing LDL cholesterol levels and preventing heart disease.4.

Quinoa: Quinoa-flavanone soup.

(Image: iShare)One of the biggest health benefits of quinoa is its protein content.

Quotas of quiches are often loaded with high-quality protein.

Quiches can also contain whole grains, which are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

A healthy quinoa smoothie can contain about 4 grams of protein per serving.5.

Peanut butter: A vegan peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

(Photos: iHeartMedia)Peanut butter and peanut butter sandwiches are popular options among vegans and vegetarians who are trying to reduce their meat intake.

This one-two punch of a vegan peanut-and, in addition, peanut-butter sandwich and a vegan jelly sandwich are the most healthful options for vegans looking to reduce meat consumption.

They’re also one of my favorite meals to make vegan for dinner, since you can get protein from the peanut butter, without any added fat.

It can be added to soups and stews and tastes great, too.6.

Black bean burger: A vegetarian, vegan black bean burger with black beans, guacamole and a side of salsa.

(See recipe: A Vegan Black Bean Burger)Vegetarians often turn to black bean burgers as a quick, tasty way to fill up on protein and healthy fats without having to resort to meats.

They can be eaten raw or cooked to a creamy, nutty texture.

You can also make a black bean and avocado burger using a combination mix of black beans and guac.

A black bean, avocado and guachaca smoothie is $1.49 and includes guac and a guac guac-chipotle salsa for dipping.7.

Baked potato: A baked potato with a gluten-free base.

(Video: iSoyLife)Baked potatoes are popular with vegetarians looking to cut down on meat.

The easiest way to do this is to substitute gluten-containing flour with brown rice or quinoa.

You’ll find a lot of baked potato options at most grocery stores, including this one at Whole Foods that contains all-purpose flour and has been tested for gluten-allergen levels.

The baked potato has about 8 grams per serving, which means you can eat it for a