10 brands that will not advertise in this month’s “Biggest” ad campaign

In January, the ABC revealed how many products and brands were listed in the advertising blitz that will hit Melbourne and Adelaide in February.

Advertisers have until March 19 to sign up for the Biggest advertisement blitz.

The list of brands included in the blitz is an updated and expanded version of the one that the ABC ran last year.

It includes more than 60 products, including cosmetics, hair and body care, and personal care, but no new products, according to the ABC.

Many of the products have been on the Bigger Than Me calendar since 2011, with the bulk of the brands listed in 2015.

But some are not listed in 2018.

There are also no new product campaigns for March.

Melbourne’s top-selling brand, the iconic Marlboro Man, is the only brand that is not listed on the 2018 campaign.

“It’s a shame to see brands like Marlboros disappear from the Biggies’ big advertising blitz,” Brand Ambassador Robyn Williams said.

She said the campaign was a huge hit with the community.

“A lot of the people who really liked the Marlborough Man have since moved on to other brands, and so are really excited to see them on the big ad blitz,” Ms Williams said, adding the Marlon Brand and Marlcorp also received positive feedback from the community and the community at large.

“But it’s really sad that Marlbrand and Marloncorp are not in the big campaign this month.”

There are plenty of Marlburies out there who want to have a say in what is being sold, and they deserve a voice in this campaign.