A woman’s new business helps her quit smoking

The wife of a man who used to smoke has launched a business that helps people quit.

The Smoking-Cessation Foundation is one of the many businesses created by women who have tried to quit smoking.

For months, the family of Joseph and Michelle Hoggs has been selling cigarette packages and accessories.

The family of five, from Fort Collins, Colorado, have been trying to quit for more than a year.

They were able to do so through the Helping Others Quit website.

For Michelle, she found it helpful to shop online.

The couple recently moved into a home that had been repossessed.

Michelle was worried about the bills that were piling up.

She started looking for a way to get the bills paid.

She decided to go through a tobacco shop to buy a pack of cigarettes.

She then learned she had a gift for people who were struggling with smoking.

“We got a call from the sales rep at the store who told us she couldn’t do anything for us because we had been through it and she said we had to go online,” Michelle said.

Michelle says her husband, Joseph, quit in July after being hooked on cigarettes for over a year.

“We had been smoking for years,” she said.

“I knew that was it and I knew we had no control over it.”

Joseph, who is now retired, had a hard time accepting his life was over.

“I just started to feel like I was dying, and then the doctor said, ‘OK, we’ll just give you another month,'” Michelle said.

“The Hoggses are proud of their efforts.

They now have two stores in Colorado and another one in New Mexico.

Michelle also hopes to open another store in the coming weeks.

She says her new business is designed to help people get the help they need.”

It’s a way for us to do this thing where we have a way of helping people who are going through this,” she added.