Which of the following products does Kazakhstan’s Medicines Agency approve?

Kazakhs approved the first drug, a vaccine for measles, for children in October, with the country’s National Health Organization, the countrys health minister said in a statement.

The government is also working on the second vaccine, the National Vaccine Program (NVPN), to help vaccinate children against diphtheria, tetanus and the like.

The vaccine is expected to be ready for children aged 6 to 14 by November.

The vaccines are made by the state-run National Vaccines and Medicines Corporation (NGMC), and are the most effective in the world.

The countrys president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has said the country aims to have its first vaccine ready for use by 2020.

Kazakhstan’s national health agency said the first batch of vaccine will be given to the country, with all of its children vaccinated at least once.

However, the vaccination has not been completed and many other countries have had success in vaccinating their populations, including the United States, Canada, Britain and France.

The UK said in March it had successfully vaccinated an estimated 2.7 million children aged 1 to 17 with its measles vaccine.

Other countries have reported success with vaccines as well, such as Germany and the United Kingdom.

In March, the World Health Organization declared China the world’s largest producer of the measles vaccine with production in the country exceeding 90 million doses a year.

Kazakhstan, a republic of Kazakhstan, has a population of nearly 14 million.

The Russian government said in June it had a “very high” vaccine uptake rate, with a quarter of the population now vaccinated against measles.