When self-published products don’t sell: What to do when sales don’t come in

I’ve always been curious about the value of self-created content.

If the content is so great, why aren’t more people using it?

I know that self-made products are everywhere, but the truth is, they are very rare.

But I also know that there are plenty of products that are so good, you might want to consider buying them.

I’ve come up with a list of some self-branded products, some that are not so great at selling themselves, and some that you can use to help your business grow.

Here are my top tips for growing your own content:Create an editorial roadmap.

Create a plan of action and objectives for your marketing, sales, and distribution.

I have a plan that I use when I’m creating content for myself.

It looks like this: 1) Do I want to write a story about myself?

2) Is there a reason why this story needs to be published?

3) How will I be sharing this story with others?

4) How does it fit into my company culture?

5) Do we need to publish the story or are we allowed to use it?

6) Is this story suitable for the audience?

7) How do I get it out there?

8) Is it interesting to the audience, and if so, what should they do with it?

9) What if this story is just too long?

10) What is my revenue stream?

11) What are the costs of publishing?

12) What do I need to pay for this story?

13) Will this story be viewed by other people, and how much do they think it will cost?

14) What will I publish in the near future?

15) Do people want to read it?

16) How long should I publish?

17) What about a link?

How will people find it?

18) Will I have to pay advertising revenue to reach a certain audience?

19) Is a link to the story acceptable or inappropriate?

20) Is the content suitable for print?

21) Is an ad for the story appropriate?

22) Is advertising relevant to the content?

23) Is my target audience likely to buy this story or not?24) Will the reader buy this piece of content?25) Are there enough sales to justify spending more money on the story?

26) What kind of content do I want for my blog?27) What type of content is best for my social media channels?28) What does a good story look like?29) Do other people see the story as well as I do?30) Is that a good business strategy?31) How can I make this story more appealing?32) How is my content SEO relevant?33) How did my content make it to the front page?34) What content should I avoid?