Which are the best products to sell on Facebook?

The biggest killer of Facebook’s revenue this year has been its ads, with the company recording a net loss of $1.27 billion in 2016.

That’s the biggest one-day loss of any US company in 2017.

The loss, which will increase to $2.28 billion in 2019, is also the biggest of the five-year period.

The number of ads generated by Facebook has risen from 607 million to 728 million over the past year, according to a study by Adweek.

The increase comes as Facebook is facing a massive class-action lawsuit from users who claim the platform’s “inappropriate use” of its advertising platforms violates their privacy rights.

Facebook has faced criticism for its ad platform.

It claims it’s not a competitor to other online advertising platforms and has argued it is not beholden to its advertisers.

However, a new report by the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) suggests that its ads are being used in ways that violate its users’ rights.

The report, published in February, found that Facebook ads can be placed in a variety of ways that could violate the privacy of its users.

For example, users may be told to click on a link or image to trigger a page or ad.

In some cases, users are told to share a link to a video to make it more likely they’ll see it.

In others, the same link or photo could be shared more than once and then viewed multiple times, leading to the users receiving the same video.

Facebook has also reportedly experimented with “favourite” recommendations that are more likely to be viewed by its most engaged users.

As a result, the CCT found that some of the ads that have appeared in its News Feed over the last year are “more intrusive and intrusive than is acceptable,” according to the report.

For its part, Facebook says that its ad-supported content is a necessary tool to improve its user experience.

“It’s our belief that our ads can help people discover more about what they’re seeing and more quickly,” a spokesperson said.

Facebook also says that advertisers have been very careful to not engage in any content that would “distract” users from their news feed, but the report also found that the company was allowing third-party advertising platforms to target its users in an “unwitting and intentional attempt to influence and manipulate the Facebook News Feed.”

Facebook has also recently launched a new feature called Ad-Friend, which lets advertisers target its News feed with the most engaged, engaging users.

The report also said that users are more than happy to share content that they think others might find interesting.

“The vast majority of people are extremely happy to engage with their newsfeeds and are willing to share their most interesting posts and comments,” the report said.