How to buy an Amazon Prime Video streaming service online with $5 a month

It’s the best way to get your Prime video subscription.

Now you can get it for free on

Amazon says the video streaming service is available in more than 200 countries and territories.

It also includes the most popular Prime video channels, including HBO GO, The History Channel and AMC.

It’s not available in Canada.

The service is also available through Apple TV and Roku.

Amazon is also launching an Amazon Fire TV TV box and Fire TV Stick.

The video streaming platform launched in 2018.

Amazon Prime Video, a free streaming service that offers more than 1,500 channels to watch on the Internet or through the Amazon Fire tablet and smartphone, launched in Canada in 2017.

It offers more content, including more than 350 original series, films and documentaries.

Prime Video now has over 1,100 channels in Canada and the U.S. Amazon Prime members in Canada can now access the service for free.

It was announced Wednesday.

It is also offering $5 for every month paid by the Prime membership.

Amazon has said the Prime Video service is designed for consumers who want to watch movies, TV shows, and documentaries at home, and for those who want the best video quality.

Prime Video can also be watched on a tablet or smartphone, so the service is a great option for those on the go.

Read more about’s Free Video Streaming Service for Prime Members begins today, Sept. 30. has also announced a new version of its Amazon Prime video service.

Prime members can now get access to Prime Video in more countries, including Canada, the U., U.K., Germany, France, and Austria.

The new Prime Video will be available to Prime members beginning Oct. 1, 2018.

Prime subscribers will also be able to watch Prime Video on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and Fire TVs, and Amazon Fire tablets and smartphones.

With its new offering, Amazon is trying to counter Netflix’s move to a subscription model, which has helped drive more people to its service.

Amazon also recently launched a new app called Prime Video Unlimited, which allows Prime members to watch the service from any device, whether they are using an Apple TV or Amazon Fire smartphone or an Amazon TV.