Apple ad shows a doctor buying a prescription drug

Advertising has become a key source of revenue for the digital age.

And it has an obvious application for Apple products: ads for the iPad and iPhones.

But the company’s ads for its medical products have been widely criticized, especially for the ads that show a doctor taking an Apple device out of its box.

Apple has acknowledged that some of the ads for medical devices are misleading and has promised to take steps to fix them.

Apple was one of the first companies to release its own advertisements for medical products.

In 2017, the company put out a series of ads for Apple Watch, an Apple Watch Pro, and Apple Medical products, including the Apple Watch and the Apple Medicine.

It has since released more ads for these products, and it has promised new ones.

But its ads for all of its medical devices have been criticized, including one for a product called the Apple Medical Kit.

Apple Medical, the device itself, has been widely seen as an inferior product.

The ads also included an Apple logo, which was also deemed to be misleading.

The ad that debuted this week shows a man who has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

He is shown in a chair, wearing an Apple watch, and he is holding a prescription medicine in one hand and a bag of Apple Medicine in the other.

He then pulls out a device and starts to take a blood pressure reading.

The advertisement has been criticized for being misleading and for not mentioning Apple products, particularly the Apple Health app, which is a paid app for health insurance.

Apple Health is not only a paid product, it is also available on its own platform.

Apple is also the subject of a recent lawsuit filed by a patient who has recently recovered from a stroke and is now on the waiting list for an iPhone X. The man claims that the ads on the iPad ad for Apple Medical and Apple Health violated his privacy.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment about this ad.

Apple had a long history of making health products and apps available to the public.

It also has a long tradition of producing medical products, like the Apple X, Apple Watch Sport, and the AirPods, which are designed for health and fitness.

Apple’s medical products include the Apple Pencil, Apple Pen, Apple Flexible Pen, and AirPod.

The AirPOD, which includes the AirPod wireless earbuds, is a popular product among younger users.