‘Exercise products advertisement for doubleclick advertisers’ to appear on ‘Exercising’ website

A ‘doubleclick advertisement’ for a fitness product will appear on the site of the Irish Times, as it seeks to “educate” readers on the benefits of exercising.

The advert, which will appear under the headline “Exercise product advert for doubleClick advertiser” will highlight how the website’s “Exercise” feature works.

“The exercise product advert features an image of an exercise bar, along with the words: ‘Exclusive: This product is exclusive to DoubleClick Advertisers’,” the advertisement reads.

“If you’re looking for an exclusive fitness product, we have a few to recommend.”

“This exercise bar has a great fit and is very easy to use.

It’s great for anyone who wants to try their hand at it, or if you need some extra motivation for a run or yoga session,” it continues.

The advertisement has previously been featured in a number of publications including the Times of Ireland, The Sunday Times and The Irish Examiner.

A spokesman for DoubleClick, which owns the Irish Daily Mail, said: “We understand that many people are not always satisfied with their current workout routines.

We’re continually working with the advertising industry to develop new ways of delivering targeted advertising.”

We look forward to promoting our products to readers who are looking for more ways to take control of their health and fitness.

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