How to get a $20 million baby product ad in every ad format

Posted November 03, 2018 08:13:54Forget the traditional print ad.

There’s a new one for baby products that’s designed to take advantage of the new digital platforms and digital channels of the baby product industry.

Baby products company Baby Media, Inc. is partnering with ad agency and digital agency, Pivotal, to get an ad featuring a baby with a smiley face and a little red hat on every single ad format that Baby Media will offer.

The new ads will debut online in November on Baby Media’s ad platforms and social media.

Baby Media also is partnering up with other Baby Media partners including the company’s partner agencies, to make more Baby Media branded content available to advertisers and influencers on its platforms.

The Baby Media brand is being positioned as a leader in the baby-focused market.

In the last five years, Baby Media has grown from a handful of baby products brands to a global network of brands, with more than 50 million baby products products in stores across more than 70 countries.

The brand has also grown in reach to be the world’s third-largest baby product company behind BabyGram and BabyCare, according to the BabyGem brand guide.

BabyGrams brand has grown as a result of its brand positioning, the brand guide says.

The BabyGum brand is the third-most popular baby product brand, behind BabyCare and BabyGro.

The company’s new ad campaign will launch in the first week of November, and will be available to the public via a digital advertising platform that will be added to Baby Media websites over the next few weeks.

Baby Grams baby products ad campaign features baby products companies and influencer influencers, including BabyGrumm, BabyGlamour, and BabyGrown, in a fun and whimsical way that will help brand appeal.

The ads are being produced by Pivotronic, a Los Angeles-based agency that specializes in online content marketing and digital advertising.

PivOTronic has also created ads for a number of Baby Media brands.

In a press release, PIVOTronic President and CEO, Paul Hickey, said, “The baby product business has grown exponentially, and with BabyGermans brand, we believe we can capture a new audience and deliver the same quality of content to a wider audience.”

The ad campaign has the help of BabyGUM, which was created in collaboration with BabyGro and Baby Care.

The two companies are collaborating to help promote the brand through a variety of channels, including social media, digital platforms, and print and television advertising.