What happens when you combine a fitness tracker and the internet?

A fitness tracker, in theory, is designed to give you a better workout, and for that, it is a pretty good fit.

It works by tracking steps and calories burned in real time and then giving you a graph of how well you are doing on the treadmill or elliptical.

The more calories you burn, the better your performance will be.

In the past, the fitness tracking device has also been able to do something similar to how the internet works, by giving you recommendations of where you can go and how long it will take you there.

But a new technology is now offering a better alternative. 

In the new technology, the tracker and you have been connected by the internet. 

“What this means is that instead of a device having to send out data to the internet to give me a result, I can actually see that result through my device,” said Aiden Levin, CEO of the company Evolo.

“It’s like having a conversation with your phone, where you actually see the data being sent to the device and then your device actually sees it and then it gets the results.” 

It is not just the internet that has come up with a way to connect you to your data. 

Evelo is also partnering with Facebook to give its users the ability to connect to the world of Facebook using a fitness app.

The app will allow users to log into their Facebook account and then, when they click on the Evelyne Fit Facebook app, they will be able to see how their data is being used by the fitness app and what the results are. 

So, what’s the deal with the Fitbit Charge HR?

Evelo says it will give the user a number and it will be given to them when they click the Evelyne app on their smartphone.

The fitness tracker is said to track a variety of data points, including steps, calories burned, and heart rate. 

However, it’s important to note that the device is not connected to Facebook, and the device itself is not going to have the Facebook app on it. 

What does this mean for fitness tracking devices?

Eighty percent of the devices out there currently have the FitBit Charge HR on them, and while it is great to see it getting a bit more integration into the world, that does not mean that everyone will be getting a Fitbit Charge.

“We’re not there yet, so the next step is to get the Fit tracker and Fitbit device connected and connected to the same data,” Elevo’s Levin said. 

For a fitness tracking tracker to work with Facebook, the user has to connect the device to the Facebook network.

So if the device has Facebook and is connected to your Facebook account, then the data is going to be shared between both devices. 

This means that while Fitbit will be sharing your data with Facebook on a more personal level, it will also be able share your data on a group basis with the Facebook team, which will also provide you with data about your friends. 

There are still a few steps to take before all of this becomes a reality, and it is expected that we will have more information soon. 

The Fitbit  Charge HR was released in March, and has received great reviews from users.

It is currently available in the US for $199, but will be available in Canada and other countries in the coming weeks. 

Image credit: EVELO