Video: “I’ve been there.” Time

The video for “I Have Been There” by The Smiths, which premiered at the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday, offers an intimate look at the life of a man who has lost everything in a tragic car crash and now has to live in a mansion he calls home.

The song is the latest song to appear on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Smith, who are from London, England, wrote the song during a long and difficult year for frontman Smith.

In October, Smith announced he had been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and required chemotherapy.

“I’m doing my best to keep my voice as calm and unafraid as possible, so that I can be a little more positive about life at the moment,” Smith told The Guardian in October.

He continued: “When you’re a musician you don’t want to be anything.

You just want to write songs and make music.”

“I have been there” is the first track to appear in the Hot 100, and marks the third-most-played song on the chart.

The track’s inclusion is a milestone for the songwriter, who has a long history of songs being played on the Hot 200.

It was recorded in 2006 for his second solo album, The Smith and Smiths.

The video shows the band playing a video game, the video game is shown with a man on the ground in a hospital bed, and a narrator narrates.

“This is the game, it’s called ‘I’ve Been There’,” the narrator says.

“It’s a real-time strategy game that you can play with friends.

You have to capture a town called Ivey and bring it to Ivey.

But this is going to take a lot of effort.”

The video was created by The Ritz, the band’s music production company, which worked with The Smith on the video.

“We were so happy when we heard that it was going to be featured on the song, because it’s an incredibly touching song,” said John Taylor, The Riz director.

“The video is a beautiful way to highlight the tragedy that Smith has been through.

We had to do some really creative and beautiful things, because the video was very difficult to shoot.

It’s really hard to make a video like this.”

Smith’s song was recorded during the band members’ tour of the United Kingdom, which included stops in Liverpool, London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

“My voice is the most important thing in my life, and I don’t think I’ve ever had more respect for it than I have for my voice, and the fact that my voice is so powerful,” Smith said in a statement after the video debuted.

“As soon as the video came out, it was really powerful and inspiring for me, and it’s a message that I’m still fighting.”

Smith also spoke about his battle with leukemia in a recent interview with The Telegraph. “

People need to be heard.”

Smith also spoke about his battle with leukemia in a recent interview with The Telegraph.

“For a while, I’ve been in a pretty bleak place.

I’ve had chemotherapy, I have been taking medication.

I haven’t been able to walk for two years,” Smith wrote.

“But I’ve found some new strength.

I can walk.

I’m walking.

I wake up every day with a smile on my face, and with a big smile on every face.” “

At the same time, I can’t sleep.

I wake up every day with a smile on my face, and with a big smile on every face.”

The singer has previously shared an image on social media of himself with his family, saying, “I love you.”

“We’ve been through a lot together and we’re all doing really well,” he added.

“You can’t ask for a more amazing family.

We’re all in a very special place, and that’s really special.”

“You’ve been a true blessing to us all and I know that you know exactly what it’s like to be on the road with me,” Smith added.