A new image marketing tactic to boost the image of the Israeli army and Israeli troops in a Gaza video

A video posted online last week by the Israeli military shows an Israeli soldier holding a large poster on the front of a house.

The poster features a photo of a large Israeli tank with the caption “The enemy’s army” in Hebrew.

The video was produced by a production company called G3R.

It shows Israeli soldiers posing as residents of Gaza to convince them that their home is under siege.

The poster, which the Israeli Defense Forces has dubbed “G3R poster,” was originally posted in Arabic on social media last week, after the video was first posted online.

The image is accompanied by a short video showing an Israeli tank driving by, with the tagline “The enemies army is not interested in anything.”

The Israeli army claims it has not taken part in any combat operations in Gaza since its offensive began in July 2014.

The military has repeatedly denied that it is involved in any fighting.

The army has also been criticized for using “inappropriate” and “unnecessary” imagery in the videos, which it says are part of a “surgical” offensive to “defeat terrorists.”

G3Rs logo is in English, Hebrew and Arabic.