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Posted by: Ashley Tumminelli in Beauty products,advertising Posted: May 25, 2018 06:10:16The beauty industry is one of the largest in the world, with the industry accounting for nearly $6 trillion dollars, according to the International Beauty Association.

And for the first time in the history of the industry, more women are seeking to make money by selling their own beauty products than they are selling products from other brands.

That is according to a recent report from the American Beauty Council (ABC), which examined data on the makeup, skincare and hair industries.

According to the report, a third of women in the U.S. said they are making money from their own products and more than 70% of women are making between $5,000 and $10,000 per year from their products.

The survey also found that women were buying more skincares than men.

The beauty market is also booming, with an estimated $15 billion in annual revenue, according the report.

But women are still underrepresented in the beauty industry.

For the first six months of 2018, only 27% of beauty sales were made by women.

And while beauty products accounted for $3.4 billion of all cosmetic sales, only 6.5% of the makeup business was owned by women, the report said.

Women are now the majority of beauty-related sales in the United States, with women making up more than half of all cosmetics sales.

The market is projected to reach $9 billion by 2020.

Women make up 85% of makeup sales in beauty products, with men making up just 8%.

And makeup is the second largest revenue source for the beauty-products industry, accounting for just 3% of sales.

While women make up a significant portion of the beauty products market, they still account for only 18% of cosmetics sales, according ABC.

And despite the high demand for their products, women are not receiving equal pay for their work in the cosmetics industry.

According the report:Women who are paid the most are female, and women make more than 75 cents for every dollar a man makes.

Women make up just 15% of total cosmetic sales.

And women make about 12% of all skincades sales.

The Beauty Industry is a diverse industry with multiple industries.

The most common cosmetic products sold are sunscreens, cleansers, and eye creams.

For makeup, the most popular products include concealers, foundations, and lipsticks.

But beauty products are not the only category of makeup.

For hair products, the best performing category is hair care products.

The top three categories of cosmetic products were lipsticks, nail products, and facial creams, according an ABC report.

The top three cosmetics companies are Sephora, Make Up For Ever, and Bobbi Brown.

The ABC report noted that beauty products and makeup are not only lucrative, but that they also serve to further the beauty and beauty-care industries.

For example, the beauty category is a growing one, and makeup and hair care can be a lucrative opportunity for businesses.

According To ABC, Beauty products have the potential to provide millions of dollars in revenue, as well as provide an additional layer of profit for businesses and the beauty community.

The makeup industry has grown to be the largest, fastest-growing, and fastest-changing beauty-marketing industry in the country, according To ABC.

The beauty industry’s growth has seen more than 100 million people, representing approximately 1.8% of American adults, use cosmetics and cosmetics products in the last five years, according CBS.