How to avoid a tobacco addiction

The use of tobacco products is on the rise, especially among teenagers.

But the number of tobacco-related deaths and injuries in the U.S. has declined steadily since the 1970s.

So how do we prevent the deaths and illnesses?

For one, we can reduce our exposure to tobacco smoke by following some simple rules:1.

Avoid cigarettes.

Smoke is a toxin.2.

Limit exposure to indoor and outdoor tobacco smoke.3.

Use a tobacco-free room.4.

Avoid being near tobacco smoke when driving.5.

Use nicotine-free cigarettes.6.

Never smoke a cigarette indoors, even indoors at night.7.

Always have a source of water nearby, such as a bathtub, to drink from.8.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling tobacco products, and be sure to dry them before, during, and after using them.9.

Don’t smoke indoors during the day or while driving.10.

Never use a portable smoke detector in the car.11.

Avoid eating or drinking while using tobacco products.12.

Keep a smoke detector on hand at all times.13.

Wear an air freshener, if needed.14.

Use only the tobacco-containing products that you use regularly.15.

Keep your water and water dispensers away from your face.16.

Never let your kids or pets touch your tobacco products without your permission.17.

Avoid contact with the nicotine in cigarette smoke.18.

Avoid contacting children or pets while using a smoke-free product.19.

Be sure to wash your face, neck, and hands before and between using tobacco.20.

Use the right kind of smoke detector.

Some of the rules above are easy, but not all of them are.

There are some products that will be much safer for you than others.

These are also important points to remember.1.

Never touch the smoke in a cigarette.2-1.

Always be aware of what you’re breathing in.2.-1.

Do not smoke tobacco at the same time as others.2-.1.

If a person is inhaling smoke, it is not a problem.2a.

Do NOT smoke tobacco in your car.2b.

Do use an air Freshener before using a tobacco product.3-1- Use an air-freshener.3a.

Be aware of your surroundings when using smoke-related products.3b.

Be especially careful if you are standing, walking, or moving on a public street.3c.

If you smell or see smoke, move quickly away.4-1 Avoid smoking in the presence of children.4a.

Avoid tobacco in public.4b.

If possible, let children use tobacco-infused products in a separate area.5-1 Keep children away from tobacco products if they are young or too young to smoke.6-1 Use a smoke free device at all hours.7-1 Always wear a mask.8-1 Do not walk with your hands or feet touching the tobacco.9-1 Never smoke indoors in a crowded area.10-1 If you are a smoker, stay away from indoor tobacco smoke, or leave tobacco products unattended for more than 15 minutes.11-1 Wear a mask if you have a cough or cough syrup allergy.12-1 Remove tobacco from your clothing when leaving your workplace.13-1 Don’t walk, drive, or stand near tobacco products in public places.14-1 Leave tobacco products outdoors.15-1 Be very careful when going out in public during the daytime.16-1 Stay away from the smoke at night and wear a long sleeve shirt when going outside.17-1 Have a smoke test kit handy.18-1 Take a regular smoke test every time you use tobacco products or any other tobacco product to see if you can detect nicotine.19-1 Tell the doctor if you develop a lung infection from smoking.20-1 Practice good personal hygiene.21-1 Get tested if you smoke at least once a week or more often.22-1 When using a vaporizer, never breathe in the air.23-1 Try to avoid using any tobacco products while smoking, including but not limited to, cigarette lighters, cigars, and chewing tobacco.24-1 Treat tobacco products with respect.25-1 Watch your intake and spit out.26-1 Follow the doctor’s instructions.27-1 Drink only water, lemonade, or fruit juice from water bottles, tea bags, or other water-filled containers.28-1 Remember to wear a face mask.29-1 Listen to your health care provider.30-1 Visit a doctor for a check-up if you experience an allergic reaction.31-1 Make a list of all tobacco products you use.32-1 Learn more about how to get a tobacco cessation class.33-1 Call the number on the back of your cigarette.34-1 Stop smoking if