When was the last time you clicked on an ad for a new product?

A new poll conducted by Adweek shows that a majority of respondents would never use an ad on Reddit.

Adweek’s poll shows that nearly three-quarters of respondents say they’d never click on an advertisement for a product on Reddit, and nearly two-thirds of them said they’d click on one of their own products.

Adweek said the poll is a survey of Redditors who “were interested in whether or not they would ever use an advertising opportunity on Reddit.”

Redditors, you’re not alone.

According to Adweek’s survey, only 6% of respondents have ever used an ad to promote a product online.

Redditors are also less likely than the general public to ever click on any ad.

Only 28% of Reddit users have ever clicked on a product ad, while just 16% have ever been told to do so.

The average response time for a Reddit ad is over 2 minutes.

The poll also found that the majority of Reddit adverts are aimed at consumers, with 71% of all Reddit users saying they’ve seen an ad aimed at them.

Advertising has been a big trend for Reddit in recent years.

In May 2017, Reddit banned a subreddit called r/Ads for being “hateful” and “dangerous” and for promoting hate speech.

It was the first major move by Redditors to ban adverts from their website.

Advertisers have responded to the move by pushing back against the ban.

In September 2017, a Reddit post on the subreddit r/SubredditDrama asked Redditors if the site should continue to ban subreddits that promote violence.

The post went viral, and Reddit users voted to ban r/Drama.

In November, Reddit suspended the advertising business of company Vox Media.

Reddit users reacted angrily to the news and called for the reinstatement of advertising on Reddit in an article titled Reddit bans Vox Media for ‘hateful’ adverts.

Redditors also voted to reinstate advertising on the site in a popular AMA on November 29, 2018.